Best Pole Saw Of 2022 Buying Guide Reviews

Maintaining a house is a responsibility for anyone who has bought one. From time to time they need to clean the house as well as well the outer - nearby area. Most will have a lawn and a nearby area that has trees. These need pruning and cutting quite often to maintain the look and also to prevent accidents. It is quite hard to reach the trees as they are taller than us. Rather than climbing a tree, a pole saw is the best option to get the job done.

If you are looking forward to buying a pole saw, then we have a solution for you. We did a study on several pole saws found in the market. The number of options often bewilder people about getting a single product. Here we will talk about some of the Best Pole Saws so that the buyer can make the decision. Just keep on reading and you will get your answer. For further convenience, we have also added a buying guide for pole saws. So, just sit back and let us resolve all the queries that you may have regarding pole saws.

What is a Pole Saw?

Most people have heard about chainsaws and they will be wondering what a pole saw really is? A pole saw, in simple words can be understood as a long pole with a chainsaw attached to it. The long pole design helps the operator to reach the high places like the branch of a tree. Using the combination of a ladder and a chainsaw can be serve numerous purposes. The pole saws also have different safety measures which make the tasks risk free. So, you definitely need to look into the best pole saws available in the market to make the right decision before buying one.

Types of Pole Saw

Presently, the market is filled with numerous options when it comes to products like pole saws. So, reading Best Pole Saws Reviews is very important before you visit the market. But other than that you also need to have the right knowledge about the requirements.

Buying a pole saw is an investment. The first thing that you need to decide is the type of pole saw that you want to buy according to your convenience. So, here are the different types of pole saws:

Gas Powered Pole Saw:

If you are a professional and want to cut trees on a daily basis, then you must have heard about the gas powered pole saws. They are quite powerful and can do the job pretty quickly. You will need to use a mixture of oil and gas to run the machine. These saws are more heavy duty and are able to work on the branches that the electric ones cannot cover. They also tend to cost a little more because of the heightened features that they generally have. The gas powered pole saws are also on the heavier side weighing up to 20 pounds. This is one of the Best Pole Saw types that you will find in the market and they will often be mentioned in the Best Pole Saws Review. One drawback that a gas powered pole saw has is its noisiness.

Electric Pole Saw:

If you look into the market for best pole saws, then you will often see that they are electric pole saws. They are usually quite light and easy to operate. Their affordability makes them a perfect choice for households which needs infrequent branch trims. These are often corded so you need to think about the distance while buying them. If you have a low budget and still want to get something that will get the job done, then go for an electric pole saw. Also, do look into buying a good outdoor extension cord if you buy an electric pole saw.

Battery Powered Pole Saw:

Handiness is something that Best Pole Saws should definitely have in them. By the name you can understand that these pole saws operate with the help of a rechargeable battery. They are quite popular these days as they are light as well as powerful. These pole saws can cost you somewhere around $300 if you want a good model. They also do not need much maintenance and one can easily handle it. Do have a look at the battery backup of the pole saw before you buy it.

Combination Saws:

As we said above, pole saws are basically chainsaws attached to poles. If a person wants to use of the chainsaw from it, then they can get combination saws as well. These are new in the market and their specialty is that the chainsaws on them are detachable. This way, they can actually get multiple features from a single product.

Manual Pole Saw:

By the name you can understand that this product is manual and you have to apply an ample amount of force to cut the branch. But it is affordable on the long run and saves you on fuel and electricity bills. On top of that, this has pole reaches that are higher than the powered products.

Best Pole Saw of 2022 – [Buying Guide & Reviews]

After you have gathered information about the types of pole saw. The next thing that you need to do is to know the right guide that can help you to buy the pole saw. So, while sorting our best pole saws these are some of the pointers that we thought were useful.

Pole Reach:

As you are using a pole saw you want to check the height that you need to reach. The pole reach of the product will be written in the specification area of the model. The gas powered pole saws often have the best pole reach. Do remember that your height will also extend the reach of the pole saw.


As we stated above, there are a different type of pole saws according to the way that they are powered. This will often dictate the strength they have over cutting the branches of a tree. You get to choose from electric, gas powered and cordless options. While considering an electric pole saw do note that you will need a power supply point as it is corded.

Thickness of the branches:

This is a very important point as you want to expand the life of your pole saw. The different pole saws have different blades that may not handle very thick branches. So, check the features of the product to know about the capacity of it.


You need to make sure that the pole saw that you are getting is comfortable enough. This includes the weight, dimensions, noise, cord etc. that are part of the product. Do keep these things in mind while making the purchase.


Do check the features that are supported in a particular pole saw. This may include the adjustability of the head, cutting angles, lubrication, storage capacity etc. Safety is a feature that you should pay special attention to You should also use safety gears along with the pole saw.


When you are buying a tool like a pole saw you need to think about its maintenance as well. If you are an infrequent user, then go for a model that is low maintenance. However, professionals should always check the maintenance tips for their pole saws to keep it healthy and sound. Maintenance is a big point that is checked while choosing the best pole saws.

The frequency of use:

A lot of your buying decision will depend on the way that you will use the pole saw. If you are going to use it quite frequently, then do go for a gas powered or a cordless pole saw. If you want to use like once in a month, then the budget electric pole saws are a great option.


The pocket pinch of a product will often decide if you can get it or not. As we said pole saws come in a range of prices. So, you need to fix it before you can even search for some pole saws. Do not go for an over-budget product if you will not use it frequently.

Best Pole Saw of 2022

Let us now review some of the Best Pole Saws that you can buy:

[amazon box= "B00BJ2GUNE, B00AW72WR0, B004JMZH1C, B0014CC4WK, B01N5610H6, B009FT54CQ, B00MN4YCFA, B073ZFC1FQ" template="table"]

#1 Remington RM2599 Gas Pole Saw

[amazon box= "B00BJ2GUNE" description=" "]

Remington is a renowned company that is known for manufacturing some of the best devices. This pole saw is the highlight as it is one of the best models that is available in the market right now. As it is a gas-powered saw you will get heavy duty usage and power capacity from it. The pole saw can be easily included in the list of Best Pole Saws 2022 because of its usefulness and features.

The twelve-foot reach capacity of the pole saw is appreciated and the blade can handle thicker branches. One of the best things about it has to be the build quality which has been made with strong materials to make it durable. Constant lubrication is present on the chains. People do not need to maintain it all the time. The only concern that you may have about the product is its heaviness but professional pole saw users wouldn’t be bothered about it.

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  • Quite powerful
  • Durable materials
  • Automatically oils the chains



  • Heavy to lift


In all, we can say that this pole saw is a product that people can definitely get if they are looking for a powerful pole saw. It will effectively clear the branches without much problem.

[amazon fields="B00BJ2GUNE" value="button"/]

#2 Greenworks 20672 Pole Saw

[amazon box= "B00AW72WR0" description=" "]

Electric chainsaws are affordable and handy at the same time. This Greenworks pole saw is one of the best pole saws that you can have in the electric cordless category. It is a super lightweight pole saw which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The battery backup of the product is great. It also has the ability to cut through the branches which have moderate thickness.

This the perfect pole saw to have for home use as you wouldn’t need to toil with it or pay for the gas. The design is also great and colorful and can be a good part of your toolbox. If you recharge the battery in due time, you can move the saw from place to place without much trouble.

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  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable motor boosts performance
  • Durable design



  • Pole reach is only 8 feet
  • Battery may deplete prematurely


In all, we can say that this pole saw is a great addition to your home if you are in need of pruning the branches of trees near your house and that is why it makes to the list of Best Pole Saws 2022.

[amazon fields="B00AW72WR0" value="button"/]


[amazon box= "B004JMZH1C" description=" "]

Black+Decker is another company that is known for good products. This particular model is one of their best pole saws. It is packed with features at a very affordable price.

The feature that attracted us to this product is the pole reach which is 14-feet and it is much more than several higher priced models of pole saws. You can also swap the battery of this saw with other Black and Decker products which sport a 20-volt battery. So if you are a fan of the company, this makes the product quite handy and affordable.

It is also lightweight which makes it a comfortable tool in your hand. The only drawback is its 20 minutes battery life for each charge. But it can be managed if the operator doesn’t have many branches to clear.

The design of this pole saw is also really great and it will last for a long time with the right maintenance.

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  • Affordable price; probably the best-priced pole saw
  • Pole reach of fourteen foot
  • Battery swap feature



  • Low battery backup
  • Takes a considerable amount of time to charge the battery


In all, we can say that this pole saw, a model of Black and Decker is one of the Best Pole Saws 2022. The smooth performance and quality do pull you towards it.

[amazon fields="B004JMZH1C" value="button"/]

#4 Silky 179-39 Telescopic

[amazon box= "B0014CC4WK" description=" "]

This is a manual pole saw that we have included in our list. It is a little on the expensive side but we will still say that it is one of the best pole saws.

If you have to cut branches from a very tall tree, its 21-feet reach will definitely help you out. The blade is quite sturdy however, you shouldn’t apply too much pressure on it to keep it maintainable.

We will only recommend this to professional users who can use it optimally. And people who are more likely to buy a pole saw for their home shouldn’t even consider this an option.

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  • 21-feet pole reach



  • Quite expensive
  • Limited usage


In all, we can say that this Sikly Manual Pole Saw is something that you should consider if you want a long pole saw. Do not go for it if you wouldn’t use it on a regular basis. We also think that it will require a bit more maintenance than the other Best Pole Saws 2022 that we mentioned here.

[amazon fields="B0014CC4WK" value="button"/]

#5 Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

[amazon box= "B01N5610H6" description=" "]

This is another manual pole saw that we had to include in this list. It is a much-loved product as it is environmentally safe and also affordable at the same time. One of the factors that catch your attention is the extendable feature of this pole which lets you extend it from 7 feet to 16 feet.

The chain drive design present in this item lets you cut the branches without applying extreme pressure. Along with the blade for cutting branches, it also has a pruner for those finer parts.

The combination of fiberglass and aluminum makes the product durable and prevents it from flexing. There is a double lock system for user’s safety. The company also provides a lifetime warranty on this product.

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  • Extendable pole reach
  • Chain-drive feature to reduce manual labour
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Need precision to use sharp blades


In all, we can say that this manual pole saw is a nice and affordable product. If you are looking for some best pole saws, then do keep this one in mind.

[amazon fields="B01N5610H6" value="button"/]

#6 Sun Joe SWJ800E

[amazon box= "B009FT54CQ" description=" "]

If you are looking for affordable pole saw, then your search may come to an end with this product. It is an electric pole saw that weighs just 7 pounds. So, you wouldn’t even have a problem when you hold this product while cutting the branches. It can cut branches that are as thick as 7.5 inches.

The pole reach is 8.7 feet which is quite decent at this price. It even has automatic self-lubrication which reduces the need for maintenance from the operators’ side and also protects the blade and chain from incurring any harm.

The company also provides a 2 years’ warranty period for this product in which you can exchange it if any need arises.

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  • Great product design
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use
  • Smooth and fast cut
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clear instructions manual



  • Trigger lock may take time to get used to


In all, this is definitely one of the Best Pole Saws as it is an affordable option along with great features. If you have used an electric pole saw before, you should surely check out this particular product. It has got some great reviews from previous customers as well.

[amazon fields="B009FT54CQ" value="button"/]

#7 Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw

[amazon box= "B00MN4YCFA" description=" "]

This is yet another much-loved tool from the list of the best pole saws. The distinguishing feature of this pole saw has to be its design which is sleek but potent. It is an electric pole saw that requires a power outlet. The unique thing about this product is the patented auto-tension chain system that extends the life of the chain and blade.

The motor is of 8 Amp and it also has the self-lubrication capacity for the chain. One can also rotate the handle for making pruning quite easy.

The weight of the tool is just 10 lbs so it is easy to hold. It is also a combination saw as you can detach the pole from the chainsaw and actually use it as a normal chainsaw. It can also cut very thick branches without much problem. It is durable and will last in your toolbox for a long time.

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  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Powerful and fast
  • Quicker installation without any tools
  • Easy maintenance



  • Requires extension cords


In all, we can say that this is one of the products that you can get if you want a pole saw as well as a normal chainsaw. We had to include it in our Best Pole Saws Reviews as it has all the right features.

[amazon fields="B00MN4YCFA" value="button"/]

#8 Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 Pole Saw

[amazon box= "B073ZFC1FQ" description=" "]

Here we have the Sun Joe pole saw for beginners which is an affordable option. They may want to consider it as an option as it is pretty easy to use. But honestly, we will recommend you to get something else if you want a more durable or longer option. This pole saw isn’t quite long and doesn’t have a chain saw - the strong part that is required to cut through those thick branches. We wouldn’t call it one of the best pole saws but will still add as on option for you.

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  • Affordable price
  • Beginners-friendly



  • Not durable
  • Short pole reach


In all, we can say that this is the option that you should go for if you have a tight budget and have just begun with cutting branches. Do not apply too much pressure on it or else you may end up breaking it. If you have a little extra money, consider other Best Pole Saws 2022 that we have mentioned.

[amazon fields="B073ZFC1FQ" value="button"/]


These are some of the pole saws that we thought we should include as they are the best ones that will suit our readers. We have tried to keep a balance between all types of pole saws that you usually get in the market. In addition to that, the buying guide will help you to know more about pole saws and their usability. It is easy to get distracted in the current market where there are tonnes of options when it comes to best pole saws. We hope that this will become a boon for those people who do not want to roam around looking for a product.