Best Table Saw Fence

Best Table Saw Fences of 2022 – [Buying Guide & Reviews]: Are you a frequent table saw user and want to add refinement to your work? Then your table surely needs a table saw fence. This accessory can heighten the look and quality of the project that you are working on.

But you cannot just go into the market and buy the first one that you see. You need to be very careful while choosing a model of table saw fence as it will be with you for a long time. Everything from the model to the qualities of the table saw fence has to be handpicked to be the best.

As a new or old consumer, you will always be bombarded with various options. We have always been in that place where there are just too many to choose from. So, to make it easier for you, we are here to help you with your choice. We will not only provide you with some of the best table saw fence models but also provide you with a buying guide to make it relevant for you.

Let us hop on this journey of discovering the world of the table saw fence right now. We will also include a table saw fence reviews as a bonus for all the consumers out there!

Best Table Saw Fence in 2022 Buying Guide

Have you been working with table saws for quite some time? If yes, then you are already aware of the need for a table saw fence system. But for people who are just starting to research about it, they should understand that a fence is a key part of doing woodwork. Most people think that they will eyeball the ripping every single time and it will come out perfect. But that isn’t the case most of the time and they end up disappointed. The table saw fence sits parallel to the blade of the saw and it helps the person to maintain precision in their work. This offers a clean cut which is important when you are buying high-quality wood and want to make something that looks perfect.

This is one of the reasons why you should buy it after reading table saw reviews. The fit and levelling needs to be precise so that no problem arises while accomplishing your woodwork. The distance from the blade also needs to be considered. Be it the uber-professional table saw fence or the ones meant for everyday work, adjustability is the key for all of them. So, here are some points to check while buying the best table saw fence for yourself.

  • Do you really need the table saw?

We think we have already talked about this bit in the above section. If you are someone who hardly uses the table saw regularly, then you may just eyeball the rips. But if you are a professional and want to have precision and cleanliness in your work, then a table saw fence is a must thing for you. Just read the best table saw fence reviews to really find out about your needs.

  • Check the features carefully

You need to make sure that it has all the essentials that you are looking for to work with. Be it an online buy or an offline one, make sure to go into the details of the product. One of the first things to check is the rip capacity of the fence and if it is compatible with the current table saw that you are using. Make sure to think about the amount of larger projects that you take. The rip capacity will dictate the measurements that you can handle on the table saw.

The table saw fence should be easy to install and shouldn’t give you a hard time to align it properly. Do check if it already has a measuring scale as it improves your accuracy while working on a project. The units marking is very important and they shouldn’t rub off very easily. Another thing that you need to notice is the amount of strain that the table saw will be able to handle. Check out the table saw fence reviews to know the features that are a must have.

  • Do you want a manual or an electric fence?

In this age of technology seldom do we think of using manual machines any more. But we will still recommend them to people who are infrequent users of the table saw. They do not need a hi-tech table saw fence if they are just going to use it once in a month. But for people who will use the table saw multiple times a day, they surely need a good quality electric table saw fence. These are pretty useful as they can adjust to the different measurements and provide more precision. Their budget does vary with different models. But it is best to avoid the cheaper ones and invest in something that will last a considerable amount of time. You of course do not want your fence to break on you as soon as you get it home.

  • Choose the type of fence that you want

One of the important things that you need to decide is the type of table saw fence that you want to get. They are broadly divided into the T-Square category and the standard table saw fence category.

A standard one is a better option for people who have a table saw that slides. The fence also moves forwards and backwards along with the table saw and it is really good for thin projects.

T-Square is a helpful option if you are more into working with shapes like geometric squares and rectangles. The best T-Square table saw fence will definitely provide you with the satisfaction of using them. You can even add jigs and attachments to them to heighten the accuracy and precision.

  • Make sure it fits your model of table saw

Everything will go to vain if the table saw fence that you buy isn’t the accurate fit. As we mentioned previously, the fence needs to sit parallel to the blade and match the measurements of the table. You don’t want to struggle with it after you have spent a considerable amount of money on it.

  • Do you want to use accessories?

If you are someone who is into experiments and may want to attach jigs and accessories to their fence, then do check that the table saw fence has the ability to accommodate it. It definitely enhances the capability of the fence, but if you do not need it, then avoid spending the extra money.

  • You should go with a known brand

Almost all of us are tempted when we see a great deal on a product that we wanted for ages. But most of the times they aren’t from the original company. We will always suggest to get the best table saw fence from reputed brands. They provide warranty and guarantee for their products. So, do not go astray while choosing your fence. Most table saw fence reviews will tell you about the importance of this.

So that’s it for the buying tips that you can use while they plan to buy a good table saw fence. We will always recommend them to read enough table saw reviews before they take their decision. They want to buy a product that remains a part of their workshop for a long time. We will follow this with the best table saw fence reviews to help you out.

10 Best Table Saw Fences of 2022

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#1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

[amazon box= "B00002261Y" description=" "]

The Vega U26 is a favourite among many users as it has the quality and the ability to provide the satisfaction of working with it. It locks up at the right place and provides you with the opportunity to work accurately. As it is made of steel you do not need to worry about wear and tear on it.

You will never need to toil with this fencing system as it has easy installation process. This best table saw fence attaches to most table saws that contain fence rail mounting holes measuring 8” to 9” on both side of the blade. It fits in the right parallel position to the blade and measurements as precise units are mentioned on it to help the woodworker.

The length of the fence bar is 36 inches. When someone positions it all the way to the right, its rip capacity is 26 inches. While when it is all the way to the left, the rip capacity is 8 inches. This is a well-designed fence that works really great for the professionals.

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  • The product is very easy to install and is compatible with different models of table saws. It takes about 15 minutes or even less.
  • The accuracy of this device is really great because of its top-notch design.
  • The fence is made of steel which lasts for a long time without any problems.



  • The fence doesn’t support wing extensions.
  • Some people find the instructions to be on the harder side to comprehend.


In all, we can say that the Vega U26 table saw fence is one of the best in the market and it is a hit choice for people who professionally deal with wood.

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#2. DELTA 36-T30 T2 30-Inch Fence and Rail System

[amazon box= "B000H0R1S2" description=" "]

Delta fences are yet another widely known products in the market. Sturdiness is a quality that we value as working with heavy wood can be tricky with flimsy tools. This Delta fence has a T-Square locking system that is accurate for people who will apply pressure on the fence which working. It wouldn’t let them down as it has quality to itself.

The alignment of the fence is really nice and it will definitely fit a range of saws. You even have the option to modify the drilled holes that are already present on the product so that it fits the saw table.

The fence comes with its own bolts and pre-drilled holes so that installation is easy. But you will need some time to get it done. When you find out the strength of this product while working with it, you will have no more reason to complain about it.

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  • The quality of the product is great and they have provided good materials like steel. This also makes it a durable product.
  • The company even provides a 2-year warranty for this table saw fence.
  • It provides you with the needed accuracy while working with lumber.
  • The fence has a good grip to it which aids in the wood ripping process.



  • The installation for this product does take a little bit more time.
  • The handle is made of plastic which isn’t a great thing.


In all, we can say that the DELTA 36-T30 T2 will be the best table fence for those people who want a sturdy yet a budget fence for their workshop.

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#3. Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

[amazon box= "B0000DD2QI" description=" "]

Let us be real, everyone doesn’t have the capacity to spend hundreds of dollars on the tools that they will be using in their workshop. Many people even resort to making their homemade fences. But professional fences add accuracy to them. This particular table saw fence has to be the example for a budget tool. Thought it is just the basic table saw fence that you can get; it does the job pretty well.

The fence will fit on any 27” inch saw even if it belongs to an older model range. You do not need to spend much time on its installation as it is super easy and the instructions are quite clear.

Accurate alignment is an important thing for table saw fence and this one does have it. Along with that it also has the ability to move freely as it has ball bearings. So, a little push will get your job done. There is also a locking lever which allows you to lock it at one place. For the price that you pay, you are getting a product of really good quality.

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  • Shop Fox is a well-known brand for manufacturing good quality products in an affordable price.
  • Quick installation process.
  • The ball bearings help the fence to roll smoothly on the table saw.
  • Its affordable price is one of the best features which is seldom seen in products of this quality.



  • The drill and tap quality of this fence isn’t good.


In all, we can say that the Shop Fox W1410 is a good and affordable option for anyone who cannot purchase the pricey fences. This will never disappoint them and is definitely a best table saw fence.

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#4. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails

[amazon box= "B00LVQ4MWO" description=" "]

Here we have another Shop Fox product that can be a great addition to one’s workshop. If someone is looking for a great quality table saw fence but do not intend to spend a lot of money, then they should check this out. The major benefit of this product is its durability which is because of its design. Another highlight is the magnified cursor detail which helps you to easily see the measurements while ripping wood.

One can achieve a maximum rip of 30 inches with this fence. This is good for medium sized projects. It is a really great tool if woodwork is your hobby and want to include it in your workshop.

They do not have great instructions for installing the fence but YouTube videos do the work quite well.

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  • The price of the product is really great and you aren’t getting a bad thing.
  • The material of the product provides a sturdiness to it which uplifts working with heavy wood.
  • The magnified cursor is a really great feature.
  • The product satisfies anyone who uses it and does everything that it claims.



  • The maximum rip is just 30 inches which is a let-down.
  • You will need to spend some time in installing this fence.


In all, it can be said that the Shop Fox W1716 is a budget product that workshops which specify in smaller products can get for themselves. It works quite well but the maximum rip of it isn’t satisfactory. However, it is a great tool for people who want to begin with smaller projects.

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#5. Vega PRO 40 Table Saw Fence System

This is the second Vega product that we are mentioning here. The company is well-known for making high quality products and this is one of them. It is highly durable because of the steel body and you won’t need to replace it soon. It is also apt for people who will use it for professional purposes rather than just using it for their hobby.

If you look into some of the best table saw fence reviews, we can guarantee that you will find this in most of them. The company has made it in a way that it fits most tables without you needing to fuss with it. One can also perform micro adjustments on it and fit accessories on it. It also has a measuring scale and the capacity to lock down into a stationary place.

The rip capacity of the fence is 40 inches on the right which is impressive. On the left the rip capacity becomes 10 inches. You will need to pay a little more for this product but it is worthy of its price.

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  • The mounting system is versatile.
  • You get the ability to micro-adjust this product.
  • The measuring scale present on it is pretty accurate.
  • The product is made up of steel which make sit durable and it will last a longer time.
  • You get the product in a pre-drilled state.



  • The pre-attached ruler may have been a little better.


In all, we can say that the Vega Pro 40 Table Saw Fence is a really great choice if you want a professional grade product. It wouldn’t let you down and you will remain satisfied with it for a long time. It also has all the latest needs that a woodworker will want when they are working with their table saw. If you want a better version of this with more rip capacity, then do look into the Vega Pro 50 Table Saw Fence which is an enhanced version of this model.

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#6. Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemeyer Fence

[amazon box= "B00CUIZNZC" description=" "]

If you are said to stay away from a table saw fence, then this will be the product. It doesn’t have any quality to it which will make you include it in your workshop. The design looks good from far away but doesn’t do real justice to it. The cheap material fails to add any kind of durability to this product.

On top of being a plastic product, they have kept it at a price point which is too high. Not even a hobbyist can afford it and the professionals shouldn’t buy it at all. If you are looking for table saw fence reviews, then this will always have a bad one. So, skip on it if you are planning to buy something good. Go for the other good Delta products that we have already mentioned in this list.

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  • There are not really any positives about this product. Even the design and the black colour looks quite odd in this model.



  • The product is very cheaply made; this includes the design as well as the materials that they provide for it.
  • It is too expensive and no one should pay that much money for this thing.


In all, we can say that no one should even look towards the Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 if they want to buy a table saw fence. They will get hundreds of better products in the market at any time.

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We have reached the end of talking about table saw fences. As we mentioned, people need to be very careful about these products as they are investing in something that will become a part of their workshops. We have tried to mention all kinds of products including the bests and also the product that you should stay away from. So, make sure to do your own research before you end up buying any product. We are sure that the guide and also the knowledge of the products will help you take the right decision. We hope that you find the table saw fence of your choice from our well-researched guide and product reviews.